Clem's Comics Shadowrun Missions

Run of April 15, 2014

Create some chaos? Sounds fun.

At the cold, dreary crack of noon, our favorite shadowrunners were awoken by their commlinks. McCallister’s voice came from the other side telling them that they had a potential job.

The group rushed down to Dante’s Inferno to hear about what task awaited them this time and, most importantly, how well it paid.

Mr. Johnson played things close to his chest, the runners realizing only that he was connected with some magic group or another. His job was simple, another group of runners had been hired for an extraction. This group was to distract Knight Errant in order to keep them off the backs of the main group. Hazard Pay was definitely in play.

The group decided that creating chaos was what they did best, and got to work.

With Seattle having just recovered from the unrest following Prop 23, our runners decided that the best way to cause a little panic would be to frame Humanis Policlub for an attack on the main entrance to the Ork Underground. They did this by sneaking smoke grenades and flash bangs into discrete locations throughout the mall atop the entrance. By the time the smoke cleared enough to see that no damage had been done, the runners were long gone and onto their next mission of mayhem.

Bug, the Rigger, jury-rigged an ultrasound sensor to be a portable Jammer. He took his jammer through the Magnolia neighborhood in a stolen Aztechnology car in order to set off every home security alarm that relied on a matrix connection. This caused a commotion in another part of town and spread Knight Errant that much thinner.

Bug also used pieces of prior Humanis videos to forge a claim to the attack on the Ork Underground.

Ripper found his way into a building facing Humanis Policlub’s headquarters. Using his Krime Kannon, he blew up the beer fridge in the Humanis break room. Using a burner commlink, he then called KE and reported the explosion before ditching the device.

The group also handed a few kilograms of explosives to some Halloweeners, ostensibly to blow up cars in the parking structure at SeaTac International Airport. Instead, the explosives were detonated as the gangers were en route and caused a highway pile up.

Lastly, the stolen Aztech car needed to be disposed of, so it was rigged to drive over the I-90 floating bridge at 90mph toward Council Island. About halfway across, it was rigged to burst into flames. About three-quarters of the way across, it exploded. Needless to say, Chaos ensued.

The runners were well-rewarded for their cover, and were even given bonus pay.


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