Clem's Comics Shadowrun Missions

Splintered State Part 2

The group escaped from the zoo without a hitch. They were then called by a representative of Governor Brackhaven and another from Project Freedom about selling the Commlinks they had recovered.

The group decided to sell the Commlink to Project Freedom, as having DA Oaks owe them a favor sounded like a rather wiz reward.

The crew traveled to Dante’s Inferno to meet with the representative of Project Freedom and hand over the Commlinks. They were then offered another job, to infiltrate Brackhaven Investments and recover more data on the Governor that might be used against him.

Meeting up with McCallister’s son on the 61st floor of a hotel, the group got a bunch of ultralights with which to fly to Brackhaven Investments. They landed on the 10th Floor and Ripper breached the side of the building with his trusty monofilament chainsaw.

McCallister’s son ran to the server room and began the process of downloading the data while the group dealt with some security teams who had caught on to their presence.

When they had the data, Bug called back the ultralights and the group made their wild escape into the night.


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