Character Creation

Character Creation Rules

Please follow these rules when creating characters for use in Shadowrun Missions Season 5

Use of Standard Fifth Edition Rules

Unless specified otherwise, character creation follows the standard Shadowrun Fifth Edition priority system. This can be found in the core book. If you do not own the core book, the GM or another player may be able to help you through the process.

Limits on Starting Gear Availability

Players may not purchase items above Availability 12 or Gear Rating 6. Players may not purchase beta- or delta-ware, if they choose to use bio- or cyber-ware.

Disallowed Qualities

Catalyst has disallowed certain qualities in Missions play. At this time, those are:

  • Negative Qualities:
    • Bad Rep
    • Code of Honor
    • Dependent(s)
    • Loss of Confidence
    • Social Stress
    • Unsteady Hands

Addictions and Allergies

Catalyst requires Gamemaster approval for Addictions and Allergies. These are supposed to be things that will come up in the course of an adventure without the Gamemaster going out of his way to introduce them. Having had some interesting roleplaying opportunities come out of these qualities, I am inclined to permit them. Examples of proper addictions would be things such as narcotics, gambling, BTLs, and alcoholism. Feel free to ask if you think you have something interesting.

Allergies should involve things that are not too difficult to come across. A rare flower that grows only on one mountain in Micronesia is not a good allergy. Cigarette smoke and soy are wonderful allergies for gameplay purposes.

Incompetent Quality

Catalyst requires that Incompetent apply to something that a player’s build is likely to need on a regular basis. I have taken a broad approach in interpreting this. The 21st Century Mage who is completely inept with any and all forms of electronics can be a fun addition to a team if the quality is played right. However, Incompetence in Magic or Technomancer skills is not allowed for characters without a Magic or Resonance score.


Players are encouraged to look through the list of Season 5 Contacts (available for free at DriveThruRPG) when building their characters. Choosing one of these characters as your contact allows you to immerse your character more fully in the arcs that are occurring in Chicago.

Also, as an added bonus, Players will be able to earn free points of Loyalty during the season if they perform tasks for the Season 5 Contacts.

Effect of Errata

Catalyst expects players to update characters as errata for SR5 is released. Our group may occasionally review errata and character edit as necessary.

Tests Run During Downtime

In the event that a player wishes to buy items with high availability scores between adventures, or other such occurences, there are rules regarding skill tests between missions. All between-mission skill tests must be done using the “Buying Hits” rule on p. 45 of the Shadowrun 5 Core Book.

Use of Expansion Books

Catalyst requests a wait of one month before using a new expansion book in Missions play to give a GM time to review. If you wish to use something from an expansion sooner, please send me the full text/stats of the item/quality/spell in question, and I may allow it sooner.

Character Creation

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